Horik Torheim

Tyler's Ranger


Hill Dwarf Ranger

Outlander, Dwarf explorer from the region
Lawful Good alignment

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 8

Stealth, Survival, Perception, Acrobatics, Athletics

Leather Armor
Explorer’s Pack
20 Crossbow Bolts
Heavy Crossbow
Hand Axe
Traveler’s Clothes
Hunting Trap


Change is a virtue, continue to improve self as a scout and warrior.

Last survivor of previous scouting party, killed by giants. Want revenge on Giants in order to honor clan.

Reckless in pursuit of revenge, also taken to drinking in recent months.

I have never been a typical Dwarf, as I enjoy the hills and mountains and fresh air more than the Underdark. In fact, my clan lives in the hills and makes a living as explorers and scouts for whoever has the need for our services. Desire for discovery and adventure drives me, anything to avoid the same stagnant life that most dwarves seem to be happy with.

Several months ago, Hill Giants stumbled across my party’s camp and killed every one, and severely injuring me. Building camp in an exposed area, as well as celebrating our plunder from a recent expedition left us vulnerable. Our own stupidity and greed cost them their lives, and what should have been mine as well. After months of recovery, I have come to Nightstone to seek the help of others who will allow me to pursue my revenge and restore honor to my clan, as well as embark on another expedition.

Horik Torheim

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