Cybertrol D&D 2016

Session 2 Recap

After Kella ran away, the party of four decided to head North and East to wrap around the perimeter of the town.

As they weaved between boulders in the dark, Maren noticed a large dark figure lying on the ground between the northern wall and a boulder. As they carefully approached the figure, they noticed it was a giant of a man, unconscious on the ground. Vanelor attempted to check if he was alive, but wasn’t sure how to go about doing that – so he kind of just poked him a bit. Maren tells him to move aside, checks appropriately, and determines the giant is alive – and helps awaken him. Clearly concussed, the giant asks these strangers “What happened?”. “We were hoping you could tell us”, they responded. While Meralis is keeping a lookout, Horik is keeping his distance from the mysterious stranger, and Maren barely helps the man to his feet while Vanelor sings words of encouragement “STAND UP AND SHOOOUUUUTTT”. (Surprisingly, no one told him to shut up – GOBLINS nearby!)

As he gains his stability, the stranger introduces himself to the party; “I am Teesta Scrapwinner Bogoslovskaya, but you can call me Scrap.” The party tells him about the goblins they encountered and Scrap is confused – there were no goblins in this town when he was awake previously. They decide to stick together for now to determine what is happening to Nightstone.

The new party of 5 continues East, where they startle some pigs (very important). Horik quietly checks a guard tower, climbs it, and tells the party he sees distant torches in the South-ish/West-ish direction. Scrap, having been in the town for a few days, recalls that there is a windmill SW-ish and the castle to the South. He also has a partial memory flashback and tells everyone that “there were clouds… and the boulders came from the sky”. They think he is still delirious, because obviously the boulders came from the sky.

They move south along the eastern town wall, passing by a boulder-destroyed home, a pigpen with water troughs, and an attached stable with windows overlooking the pigpen. As they approach the guard tower past the building, Horik assumes it is also empty and approaches to check it out without caution…

Suddenly a goblin comes out of the doorway as Horik gets close (but not too close)! He is startled, makes a noise, and two more goblins come out of the stable on the opposite side of the party. With quick feet, Meralis runs behind the tower-goblin (“Gwerk”) and swipes at it with his dagger! – And completely misses. Gwerk is a bit surprised, but also prepared for a counterattack; he swings his mace in a wide arc, drilling Meralis in the head – sending him to the ground in very rough shape.
[Definitely probably] due to the darkness, the rest of the party have equally ineffective attacks – except for Vanelor, who Bane’d one of the three targets – and Maren, who managed to catch Gwerk with the backend of his glaive. Unfortunately, goblin 2 (“Purp”) sees this and fires an arrow into Maren’s shoulder. Horik takes a shot, but misses, and runs to climb the tower for a better vantage point. Scrap – feeling recovered by now – enters a rage because he is missing out on the fun. He charges at goblin 3 (“Derp”), raises his maul, and brings it crashing down into Derps head. The goblin does not look well.
Purp sees this, backs further away in fear, and fires an arrow that misses its target. At this point, a new stranger comes out of the same stable the goblins came out of – but he is human. Everyone is confused, but at least it isn’t another goblin. Gwerk goes for revenge on Maren, connecting solidly and knowing Maren unconscious. Horik makes it to the top of the tower and shoots Gwerk, which brings it down to the ground. Purp sees that the tides of battle are turning, and turns to run away. The newcomer, clearly unhappy with whatever the goblins were doing to him in the stable, moves up to Gwerk (on the ground) and shoots him point-blank with his hand crossbow in the head. Meralis starts to feel good enough to barely stand up and takes aim on the distant fleeing Purp – hitting him from 115ft away! Scrap tries to pursue Purp as well, chasing close enough to throw a javelin – but misses, and Purp escapes.

Maren is unconscious, Meralis is gravely injured. All is quiet. The group talks to the new stranger and learn his name is Sean Holo and he was captured by the goblins. He doesn’t say or know much, rather reserved (for now). The group decides it is a good time to rest up in the stable. Scrap and Sean take the first guard duty shifts, nothing happens for 2 hours. Next up is Horik and Vanelor. Roughly two hours later, Maren is feeling well enough to heal himself to full strength. Meralis, being an Elf, is also fully recovered.

However, Horik has fallen nearly asleep on guard duty, and is not awake enough to warn the group as a worg (W1) walks right in the door. W1 sees Scrap asleep by the door and is shocked by the size of him. His startling wakes Scrap, who tries not to move too much – but is visibly awake. W1 speaks to him and asks “What are you!?” – Scrap is equally confused by the speaking wolf-beast and replies with the same question. Apparently, this was the wrong response. W1 attacks him!

Ted’s memory of events starts slipping more

W1 successfully bites Scrap who is still laying on the ground – however he is prepared for the attack and uses his Stone’s Endurance to take no damage. The rest of the party has woken by now, and the battle really begins. They all attack relatively successfully, but as Valenor tries to Inspire one of the party, his loud song draws the attention of another nearby worg (W2)!
W2 attacks Valenor who is on the outside of the stable as Meralis/Sean kills W1 with a shot. Horik drops from the second floor, runs outside and shoots W2 in the leg, causing it to kneel to the ground. Scrap is outside as well and runs to Valenor’s aid – but decides that his Animal Handling skills would allow him to ride/tame the injured beast. He attempts to jump on its back, but he does not have any control. Maren catches up to this exchange, but has no patience for Scrap’s antics. He double attacks with his glaive regardless, slicing both Scrap and the beast, but then with better aim only hits W2 with the backend of his weapon. Maren also notices a shady figure near the building to the south, but does not alert anyone.

Someone kills W2 and Horik also sees the figure as he ducks down next to a wagon for cover. Maren yells for the figure to show themselves… it’s Kella! She asks why we killed the worgs… because they attacked us first! (duh)

Session 2 fin.

Session 1 Recap: Pt B

The party continues to investigate the town of Nightstone, by moving across the path to the Inn. The in is heavily damaged, with a boulder sheering a corner of the building off. Also, there is a boulder that punches through the roof. The party investigates the inside of the building and frightens a goblin in the pantry. The goblin attempts to escape through the gaping hole in the ground, after a nasty insult from Vanelor, it is stopped by a bolt from Horik, which literally pinned the goblin to the wall.

Upon investigation of the remainder of the Inn, a barmaid dressed as a monk is found upstairs. She is introduced as Kella, but is frightened off by the party and flees out the door. Also a locked door is found upstairs, which Kella says it is trapped. It is the room of the owner of the Inn.

The session ends with the party gathering downstairs seemingly ready to move on to what lies in wait.

Session 1 Recap: Pt A

Here are some items that I should have read to you, but didn’t. So, here it is. Sorry.

Insert Comments about Nightstone here—-

The party reached Nightstone a bit after dark. The path to the drawbridge was riddled with footprints, but it was unknown as to what type and which direction they were heading. The draw bridge was lowered, and the guard towers were unmanned, and a bell was ringing incessantly. After inspection, the party entered the town.

The bell was ringing from a temple that was just to the left as you enter. The rear door, which was locked, was knocked on. The knocking ceased the goblin activity, which brought them down to ready their attack. Maren slid his badge under the door. The party moved around the temple and surprised the goblins, who were too stupid to realize the front door was wide open.

Horik takes the first shot of the campaign, which solidly connects, killing the first goblin. Maren moves in and whiffs his swipe to hit the other goblin scum. However, he solidly hits on the back side of his glaive, causing the goblin to whimper in pain. Vanelor pulls out his dagger and throws it at the remaining goblin. It hits the goblin directly in the neck. The goblin writhes briefly before collapsing to the ground.


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