Cybertrol D&D 2016

Session 1 Recap: Pt B

The party continues to investigate the town of Nightstone, by moving across the path to the Inn. The in is heavily damaged, with a boulder sheering a corner of the building off. Also, there is a boulder that punches through the roof. The party investigates the inside of the building and frightens a goblin in the pantry. The goblin attempts to escape through the gaping hole in the ground, after a nasty insult from Vanelor, it is stopped by a bolt from Horik, which literally pinned the goblin to the wall.

Upon investigation of the remainder of the Inn, a barmaid dressed as a monk is found upstairs. She is introduced as Kella, but is frightened off by the party and flees out the door. Also a locked door is found upstairs, which Kella says it is trapped. It is the room of the owner of the Inn.

The session ends with the party gathering downstairs seemingly ready to move on to what lies in wait.


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