Cybertrol D&D 2016

Session 1 Recap: Pt A

Here are some items that I should have read to you, but didn’t. So, here it is. Sorry.

Insert Comments about Nightstone here—-

The party reached Nightstone a bit after dark. The path to the drawbridge was riddled with footprints, but it was unknown as to what type and which direction they were heading. The draw bridge was lowered, and the guard towers were unmanned, and a bell was ringing incessantly. After inspection, the party entered the town.

The bell was ringing from a temple that was just to the left as you enter. The rear door, which was locked, was knocked on. The knocking ceased the goblin activity, which brought them down to ready their attack. Maren slid his badge under the door. The party moved around the temple and surprised the goblins, who were too stupid to realize the front door was wide open.

Horik takes the first shot of the campaign, which solidly connects, killing the first goblin. Maren moves in and whiffs his swipe to hit the other goblin scum. However, he solidly hits on the back side of his glaive, causing the goblin to whimper in pain. Vanelor pulls out his dagger and throws it at the remaining goblin. It hits the goblin directly in the neck. The goblin writhes briefly before collapsing to the ground.


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